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Check 6 – Records

Is the Church body's 'Processor Record' up to date?

The Processor Record for Managing Trustees shows where the various records are held. It should be reviewed each year to see if any changes need to be made (for example – the contact details of the representative). You can download the Word version from this page.

To Consider:

Item 10. Consents Record – Ideally there should be a single document where all the consents are recorded, but in some cases it may be more appropriate to have more than one version.

  • Does everyone know where/how they record Consent (for example – a prayer request).
  • Do you know where the Consents Record is held?

Item 11. Categories of Processing: This is the Data Mapping table. As with Consents, the ideal would be a single document which can be easily checked, but it may be more appropriate to hold different ones relating to the role.

  • Do you know where the Data Mapping record is held?

Item 12. Breach record: All instances of a personal Data breach, regardless of how small (eg an email sent to the wrong recipient) should be recorded.

  • Does everyone know how to report a breach?
  • Do you know where this record is?

Item 13. Transfer of information overseas: In some cases you may be sending personal information overseas – for example, to a partner church for prayer request. If this is the case, a separate record is required on the Annex to the Processor Record.

  • Is this information (sections 10-13) recorded on the Template Processor Record for Managing Trustees?
  • Do you know where the Processor Record is stored?
  • A blank Processor Record for Managing Trustees can be downloaded from the link on this page if one has not been competed before.

Suggested Process:

  • Watch the 5 minute video on Sutton Circuit about the Processor Record
  • Download the Processor Record – Template file
  • Fill in details for items 1-13

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