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Check 5 – Consents

Do you have all the consents in place that you need and are these up to date?

Review & Renew Consents

Where consent is being relied upon as the lawful basis for using an individual's personal information, you need to be aware that consent lasts for no more than two years. You will only need to renew your consents if they are over two years, and you need to rely on consent as your lawful basis.

The two most common reasons where consent is required are:

  • Sharing contact details in a directory (or other document) where there information will be shared with third parties (eg where the directory is available to read in church foyers)
  • Publicising details about members or church activities including personal information on church websites, social media pages or in a newsletter.

To Consider:

For those situations where you have asked for, and received, consent. Consent can be given verbally as well as written, depending on the circumstances.

  • Have you kept a record of how and when the consent was given
  • Do you need to renew that consent? You only need to renew consents if they are over two years and you need to rely on consent as your lawful basis

Suggested Process:

  • Watch the 5 minute video on Sutton Circuit about Consents
  • Review whether the information you hold needs consent
  • If so, consider whether you really need to hold that information or whether that information needs to be used in that way
  • Where necessary ensure all consent is less than 2 years old
  • Obtain an updated Data Consent Form where necessary
  • Keep the record of each consent for as long as you are relying on it to process personal information (data).
  • Keep the Consent Record in a safe place in accordance with the Data Security Policy.

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