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Check 4 – Accuracy

Ensure your contact information is correct

Principle 4 of GDPR states that the information you are holding about individuals must be relevant, accurate and up to date.

The Data Collection Form is designed to enable individuals to ensure that the personal information held about them is correct and also advises Managing Trustees how those individuals wish to be contacted by allowing them to indicate their contact preferences.

To Consider:

  • Is the information that is being held, by all that are holding it, being kept up to date (addresses, phone numbers, email addresses etc.)?
  • Do you keep a record of when it was last checked?

Suggested Process:

  • Watch the 5 minute video on Sutton Circuit about Accuracy
  • Ask all those holding data on behalf of the church to send and collect the attached Data Collection Form to each and every person whose data they hold.
  • When the form is returned their data must be updated accordingly.
  • Everyone should be asked to complete a new Data Collection Form every two years

An individual may receive, and need to complete, more than 1 of these forms if their details are held by more than one person. For example, if someone is a member of the church council and also attends short mat bowls group they will need to submit two Data Collection Forms. It may be worth suggesting that people complete and save the form digitally to allow them to easily send a copy each time with minimal effort.

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