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Storytelling Windows: Advent & Christmas 2020

Advent & Christmas 2020

Christmas is not cancelled!!

On the contrary: more than ever we need this season of hope, the reminder that God is with us!

Many churches around the country are embracing the idea of Storytelling windows and we are inviting all our Methodist people (and friends!) to give it a go. We can combine it with the Methodist Campaign God is with us and make sure that we will display more than just our Christmas trees – we will use our homes and church windows to tell the good news story -'Jesus has moved into the neighbourhood'!

These are just few examples of what we can do: you can find other ways to be creative!

  • Home window – cut-outs using left over Christmas/birthday paper

This link is a video of how to cut out a perfect star:
Printable shapes in A4 size will be made available

  • Church window Silhouettes

Lights can be added at night to highlight the shapes
Sorry if you can see me in the photo I took a quick shot of the screen when I was shown this pic over Zoom and I couldn't find anything similar on the net!!

  • Printed and Laminated 'God is with us' posters

Attach to bins, windows, gates, fences or car windows, etc.
Follow the link to download A4 Poster and order free CDs and postcards: https://www.methodist.org.uk/christmas/

Why not invite the groups who are users or partners in our church buildings to embrace this idea? If your church has a Facebook page, people can post pictures of their windows to inspire each other, as well as to tell the stories of impact they had in their community. The idea is to put up one shape/figure at a time during Advent, but feel free to build your Christmas scene as you please.

Have fun & Happy Christmas!!

Deacon Suzie & Deacon Gill

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