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New Book Released by Rev Tom Stuckey

Revd Tom Stuckey has released a new book entitled ' Covid-19 God's Wake-Up Call ' which is available on Amazon – £7.99

  • View this, and other books authored by Revd Tom Stuckey, here: Amazon.co.uk

Is Covid-19 a "Kairos moment", of judgement and opportunity? In this accessible book, Tom Stuckey weaves together bible reflections and social critique, asking how the Church's mission and focus on justice needs to change. This is a provoking read which I hope will prompt new thinking and action – Rachel Lampard, Joint Public Issues Team, Methodist Church

* * *

This is an angry book because God is angry at injustice, the corruption of truth and at humanities rampageous destruction of the planet. The coming of Covid-19 is no accident. In eighteen short Bible reflections, beginning with the sudden whirlwind disasters of Job, Tom Stuckey takes us on a journey from our old normal into the abnormality of the pandemic and out again. The author, reflecting on climate change, holds before us the vision of a new creation to warn us that the anticipated new normal could become even more unstable than the old.

It is also judgement time for the Church. Justice is now the priority. Its future lies in being decentralized and dispersed with its focus 'on the edge'. Without a radical reshaping of its life it may cease to be God's instrument of salvation.

* * *


  • If the leaders of a nation, whether in politics, moneymaking or religion, fail to demonstrate justice or tell the truth, then the foundations of that society crumble.
  • Is ours a Sardis Church trying to stay alive when we are dead?
  • Lament is the vehicle of transformation.
  • What matters more: to take care of people or keep the financial system going?
  • The Christian good news is not about the survival of the Church.
  • Is the Holy Spirit trying to tell the contemporary Church in Britain that small is beautiful and that decentralization, transition and dispersion will open the door to a new future?
  • God does not give answers, God questions and commands.
  • When the Church is pre-occupied with its own survival, justice issues fall off the agenda.
  • In today's Church we do not 'do anger' but we do not 'do justice' either. The two could be linked!
  • The mission of Nehemiah arises out of this crucible of lament. Effective mission does not begin without it!
  • The post pandemic Church in Britain may well be less visible but far more potent!
  • Who would not be angry with a Government which paid private consultants up to £6,624 per day to run a NHS Test and Trace system which didn't work while nurses and front line workers are afterwards offered a miserly 1% salary increase?

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