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Lent Challenge 2021

The Lent Challenge 2021

Join us, around the Poole Bay Circuit, as we take up the Intergenerational Worship Lent Challenge over six weeks – let's each make a difference together!

Please remember to always follow current Covid-19 government guidelines and keep yourself safe.

Week 1 – Use of Water

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth
  • Only use your washing machine for a full load
  • Use the economy setting on your washing machine
  • Collect rainwater to water pot plants with
  • If you have a leaky tap, replace the washer
  • If you buy a bottle of water check to see if the manufacturer contributes to the cost of improving water facilities in other countries
  • As a church, consider raising £60 to have at least one toilet twinned with a toilet in the third world (www.toilettwinning.org)

Week 2 – Use of Energy

  • Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need
  • If (?) it is a sunny day hang your washing outside on the line rather than using the tumble dryer
  • Turn your central heating down by 1 degree
  • Do not leave appliances on standby unnecessarily
  • If you have an energy meter, try keeping your eye on your energy consumption for a week and see if you can reduce it
  • Wash your hands in cold water at least once a day instead of using hot water
  • Report to the Council streetlights which are not working

Week 3 – Reducing Waste & Pollution

  • Buy Easter Eggs which have the least amount of wrapping and packing
  • Buy at least one recycled product this week
  • Recycle as much of your packaging this week
  • Buy at least one organic product this week
  • When replacing a cleaning product, try buying a biodegradable detergent
  • Is there something you can mend/repair instead of replacing?
  • Find out what percentage of waste taken to your local Council tip is recycled this month (please share on the website what you find out)

Week 4 – Shopping Thoughtfully

  • Buy only the food you need this week
  • Buy one thing from a charity shop (once they are allowed to re-open)
  • Buy a Fair-Trade Easter Egg of Chocolate as a gift
  • Buy at least one (1) Fair-Trade product in your supermarket this week
  • Have a clear-out of your wardrobe and take any un-needed items to your local charity shop when they re-open

Week 5 – Maintaining and Increasing Biodiversity

  • Don't drop any litter and if you see some that others have dropped pick it up and put it in the bin
  • Join a local litter picking group – OR start one
  • Provide food for the birds in your garden
  • Plant a bed OR pot of wildflowers in your garden
  • Visit a country park and list the different animals, birds and insects you see
  • Go to a local Farmers Market and buy at least one locally produced item

Week 6 – Use of Transport

  • Try not to use your car for journeys less than a mile
  • Go for a short walk somewhere different
  • Use the bus or train for at least one journey (be safe)
  • If you are using your car try to get the best miles per gallon you can by keeping a steady speed, ensuring your tyres are blown up to the correct level, not keeping the engine running while waiting for people
  • Try to find out about where the foods you eat regularly, come from
  • Car share with a friend to go to an event or weekly club (only if restrictions have been lifted)

Thank you for taking up the Intergenerational Worship Lent Challenge

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