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Bournemouth Methodists
Inter Generational Project

​We are shortlisted to receive funding for our Inter-Generational Project Worker in the Aviva Community Fund.

The Inter generational Project will develop Inter-generational programmes across the local area of Winton/ Moordown/Victoria Park and beyond. Projects will aim to reach out and encourage new relationships within the community where age, culture and ethnic background has no barrier. 

** We need votes to make this project happen, so please visit the link below and cast your vote **

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If possible share with others, announce at churches on Sunday morning, etc. If we get enough support votes we can be awarded £25,000 to employ our project manager.

Big thank you!

Deacon Suzie Viana

We're in touch 247 - but are we losing touch? 
In an ever-increasing world of technology where we can get up to the minute news and updates in the palm of our hands, are we really losing our connection with each other?

We are meant to be more “connected” than ever in an era of mobile communications but new research suggests that millions of us feel we now have less and less direct contact with other people. There is an epidemic of loneliness sweeping the nation, with one in six of us having real human contact only once per week (The Big Lunch 2018). And when we contact our friends and families, it is likely to be a phone call or text rather than a visit. This leaves us not only with a disconnect from our loved ones but also opportunities are lost to learn from each other, deepening the divide. 

It is with this in mind that we want to fund a new Inter Generational Project working out of a Community Hub Cafe and Garden in Winton Methodist Church, Bournemouth. Although based in a church environment, this role is not promoting faith but neighbourliness and goodwill to connect the local community. 

The Inter generational Project will consist of an officer who will work in partnership with the Minister, Prama Life, church staff and volunteers to develop Inter generational programmes across the local area. Projects will aim to reach out and encourage new relationships within the community where age, culture and ethnic background has no barrier. 

Pilot Programmes would include development with local business partners to promote good relationships and develop the café as a Community Hub.
Setting up a number of inter generational projects where young and old can come together to engage and learn skills from each other - for the elderly this might be a reminder of the joy of play, for the young a chance to ask questions and listen to stories of the days when the world was a different, less busy place. 

These might include a gardening club - many children and teenagers don't know where their food comes from and the opportunity to grow it together provide a huge opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge plus a sense of purpose as they watch the vegetables and fruit grow together.

A cooking club to capitalise on the produce grown in the cafe garden. Our world offers a plethora of packaged, instant convenience foods and this is the antidote to that, an opportunity to pass on the skills of our older generation. We hope that the experience will offer the opportunity to talk about food and cooking - comparing and contrasting the different approaches of enjoying food through the years. 

To set up youth groups, where teens can come and use the facilities as a welcoming place to relax and meet others.

A baking club will again be a practical, hands on way of building bridges and relationships between users of all ages. 

A Crafting Club will facilitate the sharing of skills relating to textiles and repairing items of clothing. Imagine repairing a top, not just throwing it away! A knitting or crochet club will also help the sharing of skills before they are forgotten. 

A computer skills and technology club will give the opportunity for the younger generation to pass on their learning - helping an older person to take a selfie and post it online for example. 

All of the above activities will be created with a view of building bridges between the young and old, sharing learning and discovery and promoting harmony and understanding. 

We have seen a very successful model of a crafting club in Liverpool. Diane Boyd, who runs the club, saw a need to act as a bridge between the generations: “I think everybody recognises that society is more fractured when it comes to mixing with older generations. I’m hoping this café and the creation of others across the UK can change that.”



Poole Methodists 
Community Award: Story Café

When a local head teacher told the Probationary Deacon at Poole Methodists that her schoolchildren needed help with reading, the congregation jumped into action. The head teacher handpicked the children who needed help the most, and the church opened its doors to ten of them every Monday night. Children sit and read with volunteers, while their parents enjoy coffee, cake and a chat with members of the church.   

“Everyone I asked was very happy to help. It was a brave thing as this was a brand new project and I was asking them to trust that it might work.”  “It’s about providing a listening ear, and giving families the chance to eat and read together.” Deacon Sarah Wickett.

Story Cafe started a few months ago when I asked a local infant headteacher, “how can the church help you?”  Her biggest concern was for a group of “vulnerable” children who “never” read at home. The reasons for not reading were varied, but their families face economic challenges, parenting, relationship and medical struggles. Poole Methodists had the capacity to respond. We offered a safe space in our cafe and an enthusiastic group of volunteers. 

Read the full report here



Bournemouth Methodists
Moving On Group

If you have lost someone close to you and are experiencing a big change in your life…If it has been difficult to cope with it…

We are creating a group of people who has/is experiencing loss and grief to: Support each other, Share experiences, Develop friendship, Share interests, Enjoy trips/days out and much more!

Please contact Rev Betto Viana or Pat Goodhall for more details.